in the beginning

My mission is to streamline merger acquisitions in the Death Care sector


Bachelors in Communications minored in Marketing Cal State Dominguez Hills Class of 1997

Masters in Business Management University of Redlands class of 2002

Project Manager Professional Blue Fire Partners University Of California Irvine 2003

Six Sigma Black Belt University of Southern California 2001

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Gates College 1999

Letter to the President/Chairman

Dear Sir;

The concrete, measurable and quantum achievements are commonplace in my workflow. Much money, pain, effort, frustration, time and questionable tangible wasted on unintentional inefficiencies are now channeled directly in a synergy of purpose, experience, focus and specific targets.  This next campaign will provide ongoing benefits for all in the company except the competition.

I am thankful you took the time to view my site.  I must emphasis none of this would have been possible without my direct reports. They raised their practice to my principal with thorough follow up. My leadership, as a military officer in two branches of service and business units with landmarks in them is a submission to duty not to the heights of power or influence.   My personal promise to you is we will quickly, easily and fastidiously conquer this Death Care market nationally.


  • Dominate the industry through consolidation of cottage industries of retirement age business owners motivated to sell or made to sell
  • Franchise said business
  • Initiate a Public Offering for business
  • Accumulate many and make it an acquisition target to a larger entity
  • Strategically absorb competitors in said space to increase revenues
  • Sell business off to Private Equity, Hedge fund or Investment groups

I know with an experienced Executive such as YOU the path will be navigated smoother than past campaigns and with your experience, guidance and mentorship anything is possible; your brain, my back our money. 

What does this have to do with you?  Perhaps nothing or everything.   Everything, if you want your experience to be maximized through me.  I will give you information and you give me instructions.  If this is relevant to you at this time in your life, Great.  My personal promise to you, we will quickly, overpower this Death Care market sector.  I do what is necessary not my best.  My past is my prologue.

If not, thank you for your visit.  If you know of others like yourself who may be interested please forward this site and when events permit a referral fee will be issued.

Very Respectfully,
Baltazar Fedalizo

Missions are defined by missions accomplished

“Increase value and revenue in stressed climates and markets; as proof from the site, when values are clear decisions are easy.’ Geometric growth is constant until the market is exhausted while locating another lucrative market to descend upon after due diligence is complete.”

  • Undergraduate studies, finished Bachelor’s degree in eight semesters under five thousand dollars. This is measured by the Department of Education student loan used to pay for classes and Mark Young of Guinness Book of World Records. 
  • Infinite Solutions Adult Day Death Care center had a census of ten senior’s in January 2003 by July of 2003 the center had over 90 seniors all with dual diagnoses enrolled with partnerships with all senior centric businesses. 

Measured and qualified by the Department of Ageing, Medi-Cal and Care and treatment authorization request, TAR, volume increase.

  • SUBWAY, this was the 500th store out of 500 stores in Los Angeles county which is the highest grossing county in the SUBWAY world. Store made it number one the number two store was 71 per cent below in sales.

This was measured by the SUBWAY, WISR, Weekly Inventory and Sales Report.

This store won the Franchisee of the Year award in 2005 photo of award in Awards section.

  • Biodiesel America was the first biodiesel company on record by the National Biodiesel Board in California to manufacture and distribute the fuel to the Phoenix, Arizona school district.

The company won the Latin Business Leader of the year award in 2010.  Photo located in the Awards section.

  • San Bernardino Patient Association this was a 24 hr. 365 day logistical care operation for patients.

SBPA was the first medicinal dispensary on record in California to deliver in the San Bernardino County according to the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

  • Traffic Heroes 4 California was the first and only business to date, able to zero out balances owed to the court without community service commitment.  All debts were in collections.

No other business can make that claim. 

Show of proof with minute orders and motions located in the Traffic Heroes for California Business owned section.

All these experiences with these businesses have led me to the Merger Acquisitions market. I will do the same and more in this sector. This is my show of proof. If you are selected to the board, this Founder will make geometric growth with marginal effort compared to past campaigns. Joining me will give the Board Eulogy value.

  “Fedalizo is not trained to do this, not paid to do this, not born to do this.  He loves to do this-,” Sgt. Major Martin -Operation Just Cause, Panama and Desert Storm circa 1990 -91.


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